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Here is a link to the Current players and scores

Sign up?

Fee is $5 and all of this goes to the cash prize.

Do we play Whac-A-Mole for free on Weds.  then?

No, you pay the machine fees, but all Weds. Whac-A-Mole money goes into the prize pot.

1. You play 4 games each Wednesday  . You have when we open at 4pm to 2am. After 2am it will not count.

2. You can only use 1 mallet

3. You always need to tell someone this is a league game so it can be verified. You can not just play all night and pick your best scores….

4. Tell the bartender your score after each game.

5. The total of all scores will decide winner

6. If you miss a day, tough luck…

7. We will try to keep the scores live and up to date in the google sheets link above.

8. Winner will be paid out the day after the League  ends

9. In the event of a tie whoever has the highest game #1 score (from week/round 1) will win, if that is a tie then #2..


HAVE FUN! Stosh is going to play, but he can’t win (but will pay entry fee) If he has the high score, the prize money carries over to the  next monthly Whac-A-Mole league. 1st =70% 2nd =30% 3rd =nothing Payout  of pot breakdown

Free Shirt when you Whac all your Weds. League games

Next League  Starts  weds FEB 1  Ends March 1 We currently are not  doing the skeeball league